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Every region near the Chesapeake Bay was affected in some way by the War of 1812. The British occupied the Bay through most of the war, using its tidal waterways to access towns all along the coasts.

Upper Bay Region Baltimore Region Annapolis Region Bladensburg Region District of Columbia Region Southern Maryland Region Tidewater Virginia Region Maryland's Eastern ShoreUpper Bay District of Columbia region Tidewater region Baltimore region Annapolis region Bladensburg regionAfter declaring a blockade on the Bay in 1812, the British established a base on Tangier Island and raided waterfront towns at will, burning homes, storehouses, ships, and farms. They targeted towns in Southern Maryland along the Patuxent and Potomac; ravaged properties in the upper Bay and on the Eastern Shore; raided villages and plantations along the James, Rappahannock, and other Virginia rivers; and invaded the US capital city.

The British used the Chesapeake Bay and its rivers to disrupt trade and commerce, draw American troops away from the US-Canadian border, and bring the war home to the American people. Consequently the Chesapeake Bay region became a major theater in the War of 1812.

You can see remnants of the War of 1812 in every region of the Chesapeake. Keep reading to learn about how the war played out in different regions and what you’ll find when you visit them.

Visit one of the Bay regions, where you can download a guide to the region’s 1812-related sites and activities.

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The Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail takes you to places throughout the Chesapeake region where War of 1812 history happened. Download here or contact us for a free copy of a handy pocket guide to the trail.


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