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Many people worked to design, develop, write copy, edit and launch this website. They include:

Overall Site Management:

The site was envisioned and coordinated by Michael Land, the Web Administrator for the National Park Service at the Chesapeake Bay Office. He was assisted on technical issues by Andy Fitch, Lead Application Developer with the National Park Service. Suzanne Copping and Paula Degen of the National Park Service served as content leads for the site, coordinating content contributors, reviewers and editors.

Thanks to John Maounis, former Superintendant of the Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail for his guidance and support and Peggy Wall for assistance with contracting support.

Design and Development:

The site was designed and developed by Alexander+Tom, a web firm located in Baltimore, MD. The team at A+T worked with the National Park Service to transfer the vision into a user-friendly, attractive design. They created the interactive maps and other tools found throughout the site.


Content was managed by Suzanne Copping and Paula Degen, who developed content in conjunction with other contributors including Carroll Cottingham, Jason Wickersty, Ralph Eshelman, and Ennis Barbery. Much of the historical content was inspired by or excerpted from Eshelman and co-author Burt Kummorrow’s publication In Full Glory Reflected: Discovering the War of 1812 in the Chesapeake (Johns Hopkins University Press: 2012). Eshelman also reviewed content for historical accuracy. Ron Dale and Deanna Beacham also provided content review. Editorial assistance was provided by Katy June-Friesen of BlankSpace.

Photos and more:

Much of the artwork on the site comes from In Full Glory Reflected, especially artwork produced by illustrators Gerry Embleton and Richard Schlect. Photographers include Ralph Eshelman, Starke Jett, Middleton Evans, Dietrich Ruelmann, and Donna Dickson. Photo coordination was provided by Cindy Chance and Ennis Barbery.

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